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It's above 10 nayway.

Hell yeah.
Armageddon, Justice, God, Retribution.
Something inside me was pleased.

The yellow blood and huge guys seem to mess a little with the style, but from some point it has been weird anyway.

But the style in overall, graphics, animation, sounds, gore and action, they are simply perfect. Different from others, yes, maybe little slower, but maybe that's just my PC which isn't doing very well right now.
With Jebus tearing enemies apart and vomiting blood... it kept it's mood. A very dark mood.

I guess this the end, or at least I hope so for the sake of the characters. They deserve rest. So, well, good luck with other projects. Whatever they'll be, I know they'll be good. (I'm sometimes wondering, however, how does your head looks inside.)

(And personal thanks for inspiring me along the way. The skills with flash and graphics come in handy.)

Hell yeah.

I was beginning to think that the movie was poor when they were watching each other and actually did nothing.

But then, action started.

And from that point, it was great. It's still not like the original, but it has it's own brutal style.

It's like "WTF".

It's kinda like "WTF?".

Animation and graphic aren't good, but they don't suck either. The song was nice, althought I'm not a fan of that kind of music.

Overall.. Nice. Somewhat. But at the same time - it's nothing special.

Improve, practice, train. Know the ways of the Force.


The guy who wears that kind of stuff dosesn't have enough strenght to listen to metal!
He's a wimp. No heavy metal music dor the wimps!

And you know, in metalheads' nightmares there is more stuff like pop-musicians and someone destroying metal CDs.

Anyway. The animation isn't that good, and the graphics could use some work. Keep practicing.

A "play" button would be nice.


The thing is, you're a genius.

Creating an frame-by-frame animation that's both fast and smooth, polishing every detail - you are truly a master of this art.

Even though this movie is slower than the prievious ones, which makes it somewhat worse, it is a masterpiece. The character movements are awesome.

Damn, I just won't be able to continue working on School Madness 2! It sucks compared to this!

Madness Antipathy is still the best episode of the series to my mind. You're a legend already anyway.

Truly amazing!

Hell yeah

Because I'm working o n School Madness 2, which is also frame-by-frame (well, almost), I realize how much effort you've put into this.


The actions is a bit slower then it should be in my opinion, but the movie still kicks ass.

Hell yeah!
Keep it up!

Extreme mayhem

You're fucking demon! Or mutant! Or whatever! You're he-who-has-been-granted-with-unnatural-skills-and-style-by-
god of Flash!

Extreme violence, awesome action and tricks. Fucking awesome style. And what the hell was that? Teeth?

Whoa. Madness Combat 5 lacked mayhem Apotheosis had. But it doesn't matter now, Antipathy massacred them both.

Not so bad for a start

Well, not bad. It's your first flash after all. Practice, practice, practice. Make it cleaner, smoother, funnier etc.
Bla bla bla.

Masz talent, ale musisz sporo pocwiczyc by go dobrze wykorzystac. Powodzenia ;)

Wedi responds:

Thx for advices.....

Jak teraz ogladam ten filmik to az mi lzy ciekna jak widze te wszystkie bledy ale wiesz to moj pierwszy flash(pierwszy ltory ma wiecej niz 3 sceny:))

Not rally good, BUT... :D

I didn't find it funny at overall, and I didn't like Carmack's voice (and style). Graphics and animation weren't great.

But the scene with DeathCam... That was freakin' awesome! XD
"Hey Kids!" XD
And well, it's about DooM after all - One of the best computer games ever made! ( I just love it.)

Well, actually I'm waiting for the next episodes. IMHO you can improve lot a things, and I hope you will :>



It works with different clock graphics? :O

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